Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

Hey guys! So, let’s be honest. I am new to blogging. I have decided to take on Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge to kick off my site. Natalie is the Chief Adventurer and Freedom Fighter at This challenge is meant to outline the challenges we come across while paving our path to the life we desire. Day 1 is about “Finding your Focus”. We all have distractions and challenges that slow us down from the life we envision for ourselves; here are mine.

1.) Procrastination

I am a procrastinator. I always have been. It started in elementary school. I remember telling my mom I didn’t have homework, there was nothing I had to read, and there wasn’t a test coming up any time soon. Then I would come home from school a few days later and have to sit at the dining room table and do 4 worksheets and read 5 chapters for a test that was the following day. This trait followed me through high school and then college where I would regularly pull all nighters and get two hours of sleep before exams and finals. I convinced myself that “I strive under pressure” and that it was okay to wait til the last minute as long as I pulled through and got what I needed to accomplished.

2.) Social Media

I know I’m not the only one to find myself spending precious hours each day looking at people’s vacation pictures, reading friend’s drawn out posts or creeping on an ex boyfriend. I have it all-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tmblr, etc. There are two ways of utilizing social media- constructively and non-constructively.  I’ve gone so far as deleting apps on my phone only to find myself re downloading them 2 hours later. Talk about addiction. Social media connects us to the world. It helps us network and promote ourselves once we learn to utilize it properly. In fact, if it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have found this challenge. Using social media in a constructive way is something I have been working on lately. Unfortunately, I still find myself sidetracked at times watching Buzzfeed videos about cats or taking random surveys to find out which astrological sign I am most compatible with but I am working on putting a major effort into limiting the time wasting on these sites.

3.) Time

Time is a precious thing. It’s one of the few things we are not promised and we can never it get back. I find myself not giving time the respect that it deserves. This is outlined in my first two distractions above. Everything that we do uses time. Every minute of every day should be used constructively, especially when working towards a goal. “I’ll do it tomorrow” does not cut it when paving a path to the life you desire.

x, ct

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