[Day 3] Creating A Vision For The Future

Laying in my king bed I wake up to the smell of my dark roast coffee brewing in my kitchen. It’s about 8 am, my routine wake up time. The sun is shining in through my window as I crawl out from under my down comforter. My bedroom window overlooks the water. There’s sand and a breeze. My window is open and the air feels wonderful as I make my way down the hall to the kitchen and pour myself a cup of black coffee in my favorite mug. I drink my coffee on the back patio while I check my emails and catch up on my blog. Morning is my favorite time to do work. I finish what needs to be done before I go to my yoga class. Morning is also my favorite time to work out. I spend an hour at yoga. Yoga helps me relax and set my intentions for the rest of the day.

After yoga I run errands. I grocery shop at the local market or grab lunch with my mom. My mom and I like to get lunch at local restaurants where we can eat organic and freshly harvested food. My mom and I spend an hour or so catching up on our previous day. I love when my mom comes over after lunch and hangs out. It makes the day better.

After lunch I like to see where the day takes me. Some days I’ll go home and food prep dinner for the next few nights or maybe go out to a nice dinner with friends. I enjoy spending evenings at trendy spots. I take Ubers everywhere. I don’t like to drive.

I always like to wind my days down with a glass of wine before bed. White is my preference.

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x, ct


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